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Scudo Flex corner protectors for modules

Description of Scudo Flex corner protectors for modules

Scudo Flex is the new generation of the Scudo family of protection elements, made of 100% cardboard and paper sheets.
Starting from layers of cardboard or paper that have been treated to obtain a lattice, we obtain an edge protection of a certain thickness, which can be extended up to 20 times its length.

Benefits of Scudo Flex corner protectors for modules

The main benefits that make Scudo Flex Modules Corner Protectors the most sustainable solution are:

  • A single reference serves for various thicknesses.
  • It is manufactured with a single product, paper and cardboard, facilitating recycling.
  • The range of protection is very high.
  • It can be used for many types of products, ranging from a sink, to a shower tray or a chest of drawers.

Properties of Scudo Flex corner protectors for modules

Scudo Flex is composed of several interwoven papers, the paper as such offers a high resistance, close to 10 kilos/square centimeter. Thus, depending on the cell that we are going to obtain once we extend the protector, we will have more or less resistance.

If we want more resistance, we will have to put more paper and make the cell smaller and denser. If we want less resistance, we will be able to extend it to the maximum, to 20 or 30 times its initial size, obtaining a larger protection surface, although with less resistance capacity.

It is like a sandwich with two outer parts of rigid cardboard and one of flexible paper in the middle. If we stretch it more, we will lose energy absorption capacity and if we stretch it less we will increase its resistance. Depending on this, we can configure all the possibilities.

The protection range allows to protect products up to 2 meters long, which will only occupy 50mm of space in the warehouse, transport and handling of the product, simplifying logistics and reducing costs drastically.

Applications of Scudo Flex corner protectors for modules

Scudo Flex is useful for many sectors. Like Scudo, this product is ideal for the furniture sector (flat pieces, modules, furniture kits) with extensible corner pieces that adapt to various thicknesses with a single reference.

But this new generation of Scudo is also applicable to sectors such as glass, automotive or e-commerce, since a single piece adapts to various shapes and is extensible in several directions, being able to cover products with uneven shapes in a simple way. Products such as lamps, car parts or even bottles.

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