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Extruded Polystyrene XPS Battens

Extruded polystyrene battens are a solution developed by Brafim as an alternative to the conventional pallet, to offer a flexible, economical and sustainable result for all types of industries.

Description of extruded polystyrene battens

Manufactured with BM TOP, better known as extruded polystyrene, the battens are a standard solution, which can be customized to various sizes, formats and needs.

The extruded polystyrene battens have a 68% recycled origin and are 100% recyclable. This makes them a highly sustainable alternative for the packaging of all types of products.

This solution can be applied on wood or cardboard sheets or directly on any type of box. Its characteristics include high density (3 kg/cm2) and water resistance.

Benefits of extruded polystyrene battens

The main benefits that make them the best solution for the protection of your products are:

  • Sustainable: Their origin comes from recycled material above 60% and they are 100% recyclable.
  • Flexible: They can be incorporated to different supports, since they incorporate adhesive to facilitate their use on any surface.
  • Resistant: Its density of 3 kg/cm2, offers an extraordinary hardness that allows the product to be stacked. It has a resistance of 38kg/m3.
  • Economical: they adapt to any size and their use allows 100% optimization of truck space, obtaining important savings in the transport bill.
  • Lightweight: they weigh 50 times less than a conventional pallet, which facilitates the entire logistics process.

Available solutions

Extruded polystyrene battens are available in three types of presentations:

  • Strips. Whole strip of 2600x100x100mm (length, width and height respectively) with adhesive, which can be cut to the desired size.
  • Blocks. Pieces of 100x100x100mm with adhesive. Ideal for creating your own pallets in different sizes where a wooden or cardboard base plate is used to adhere the blocks, forming the pallet to the desired size.
  • Assembly. We offer the option to manipulate the product, incorporating the battens already cut and adhered to your product.

In summary, Brafim’s extruded polystyrene battens offer an innovative, sustainable and versatile packaging solution. With high standards of recyclability and adaptability, they represent a safe and effective option for protecting and transporting products in an optimal way.

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