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Custom-Made Packaging

Specialists in custom-made packaging

Our experience in the packaging field has proved to us that each product requires a different protective solution. That is why we have specialized in the design and manufacture of customized packaging for the automotive, furniture and decoration, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and hygiene, machinery and mechanical elements, graphic arts and displays, glass, ceramics and sanitary ware, electronics and household appliances sectors.

How we make efficient custom packaging

We use the Brafim Method to design a tailor-made packaging that adapts perfectly to the needs of the product and protects it efficiently, avoiding overpacking. Our own 5-step method whose main objective is to achieve that all deliveries arrive in optimal conditions.

The first step to achieve an efficient custom packaging is to count on packaging specialists. At Brafim, all requests are personally attended by one of our packaging engineers, who will also be in charge of accompanying our client during the whole process of developing and implementing the solution for their company.

To find the most effective solution, our specialist conducts a diagnosis of the product to be protected (shape, weight, fragility, weak points, etc.) and makes a proposal of the characteristics that the ideal packaging should have for the product in question: type of materials and quantities, protection points, fastening systems, etc.

When the technical proposal is developed, we create a prototype of the new solution and test it. In this test, we measure through different impacts monitored by sensors its performance and level of protection.

Once the customized packaging solution is tested and accepted, we manufacture it in our production plant, which has the capacity and equipment sufficiently sized to meet the deadlines and needs required by the customer.

Tailor-made packaging solutions

To design and manufacture each custom packaging we have to take into account all the factors that influence it, such as sourcing, storage, transport, production and environmental impact. All these factors condition the packaging design and vary according to the sector, the company and the logistics applied.

We have an extensive range of packaging solutions to meet the protection requirements of each product according to its sector, including multi-material solutions (foam, cardboard, wood, paper pulp, EPS, etc.).

We manufacture customized packaging using the most suitable materials and packaging structure according to the design and fragility of the product.

Benefits of customized packaging

Using customized packaging for your products is synonymous of using optimized packaging, which protects the product by significantly reducing incidents and breakage, using the minimum size and material, without losing effectiveness in protection.

The use of optimized customized packaging reduces costs in transportation, raw materials, handling, storage, recycling and environmental taxes. Tailor-made packaging is a sustainable solution and, consumers who are increasingly environmentally conscious, value it very positively.

Switching to optimized and greener custom packaging is imperative to achieve a more sustainable economy, and of course, aligned with reducing the carbon footprint. Optimized custom packaging is a step towards sustainability.

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We develop resistant packaging that is able to protect the merchandise against any contingency it may encounter throughout the supply chain.

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We reduce incident rates

Our custom-designed packaging reduces damages that occur during the delivery of the merchandise, thus reducing claims.

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We optimize packaging costs

We create packaging designed to reduce costs in the material used, warehouse space, transport and logistics.



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